About Us and Our Breeding Program

I have owned Australian Shepherds on and off my entire life.  It wasn't until 2009 that we began to get involved with the Miniature Australian Shepherd and later began showing (family permitting) in the then available show venues.  When I began this endeavor I noticed a breed that I loved that was in much need of improvement.  Thankfully along the way I found a good mentor and friend in Sue Ritter of Legacy Aussies and have been blessed to have her in my life.  To better understand the breed characteristics and the standards that we strive for please click the link The Miniature American Shepherd Breed Standard   Our Miniature Australian Shepherds have become a passion and devotion of ours, we are everyday researching and discovering any new possibilities to better improve our already wonderful Breed.

About Our Miniature American Shepherds

All of our breeding Adult Miniature American Shepherds are very selectively chosen for Temperament, Health, Train-ability, Conformation, and versatility.  All of our dogs MUST have a good level mindset otherwise they are not allowed into our breeding program.  All of our breeding adults male or female have undergone all necessary health testing.  Producing Top Quality, Healthy, puppies that hold true to the breed standards is our main goal here at Ashland Aussies, so even if a dog is has a seemingly flawless exterior their mind is Always firstly considered and there are no exceptions.  

We feed our dogs  and puppies only the very best quality dog food Life's Abundance and Supplements.  Good Nutrition starts very early for all of our puppies here and helps the puppies build strong bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Each of our puppies leaves here with a Puppy Care Package full of helpful information on caring for your new puppy.   Our dogs have a 5 acre tract of fenced land that belongs only to them and to us, and on it we are currently constructing agility courses for their fun & enjoyment.  Our Mothers and babies are kept in-doors as well as out-doors especially during extreme temperatures, they are all let out numerous times a day with adult supervision to play, potty, discover, and learn about the great big world around them.  We take much pride in raising healthy, well adjusted, and happy puppies!

All of our Dogs and Puppies are on a very strict Vaccination and De-worming regimen that has been highly complemented by numerous veterinarians across the Country.  Each puppy or dog will be provided with a health and vaccination sheet which you can then take with you to your veterinarian for your new puppy health check up.  On our website we have provided numerous ideas, articles, literature and links for you to continue or further your education & knowledge of The Australian Shepherd and the Miniature American Shepherd so please feel free to browse our site. Remember I am always available for any questions or concerns so please do feel free to contact me via e-mail or Phone at any time.  Thank you for looking at our website!

    What to Expect When You Visit the Vet
A Guide for Pet Owners

Knowing a little bit about what to expect on your pet's visit to the vet will help both you and your pet have an easier visit. Our pet's often sense our emotional states and mirror them in their own behavior. So, if you're apprehensive about going to the vet, chances are your pet will be too!

Taking your pet in for a yearly well pet exam and vaccinations is a lot like going in for your own yearly wellness physical. . This is a good time for the doctor to take a really close look at your pet and get a good healthy baseline profile of your pet, just in case an illness appears within the coming year.

Your veterinarian will make written notes on a medical chart, just like your doctor. Medical history is as important in treating animals as it is in treating humans. In today's advanced medical offices, the handwritten data will later be entered into a computer, making it easier for the vet's office staff to send you yearly reminders for vaccines,etc. In some offices, the doctor or an assistant may enter the information directly into a computer terminal.

During a thorough general physical exam, your veterinarian will be touching your pet, feeling your pet's body and observing any visual signs of health or potential problem areas. The vet will evaluate your entire pet, including (but not limited to):

    Abdominal activity
    Heart rate
    Lung function
    Teeth and gums
    Feet, pads, and toe nails

If your pet is being seen for a particular reason, your vet will focus more time on that area; but as a general rule, a thorough exam will entail your pet being evaluated from head to toe.

A comprehensive physical exam performed by your veterinarian can detect minor abnormalities before they become serious problems as well as identify major organ dysfunction without extensive and expensive tests.

Once the physical evaluation is complete, you vet may ask you about any behavioral issues and give you a chance to ask any questions. If this is your first visit to the vet, ask about emergency care procedures and alternative emergency phone numbers.

Important:  Please discuss the importance of titer testing your dog yearly for disease immunity rather that an automatic and often times unnecessary vaccine.  
Many holistic and knowledgeable veterinarians are now offering titer testing, so please don't be afraid to ask or discuss this with your veterinarian.
 Please Enjoy Some Pictures Of Our Facility....

This is a view of our kennel area.  This is where we kennel our dogs if and as needed.  Each stall also serves as a nursery for our expectant mothers to be.  These kennels are state of the art and very functional.
This is our kennel kitchen.  This area is full of numerous medical supplies, nutritional necessities, necessary medications, as well as dog and puppy treats.
This is my grooming room and evaluation room.  This is where I spend a good amount of my time these days.
This is our bathing area.  Also where I sepnd a 
good deal of my time.
Here is our laundry room, because clean sanitized
towels are a necessity.
This is a picture of our indoor puppy play area.  This is where the puppies go while they are being weaned and started potty training, this also offers a great place for the puppies to play when our weather is not so agreeable.
This is another view of our kennel area.  Once the puppies are born they stay in their box where they receive daily stimulation to light, sound, and touch.  Once they are 3-4 weeks they are introduced to the great outdoors.
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