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Ashland Miniature American Shepherds

What to do next.....

So you have done your research and you have decided that you want a puppy from us. Here are the next steps.

Please give us a call 870-378-7575 please no texting. To make sure that the puppy you are interested in is available and will be a good fit for you. We will not place a puppy in a new home without an initial phone consult.
Once you have spoken with us and we have decided on a puppy that is best for you, you will need to complete the following forms. (All forms are submittable online for your convenience.)

  Are You Ready

  Puppy Questionnaire Form

  Sales Contract & Guarantee

​After steps 1. and 2. have been completed then you are ready to submit a deposit for a particular puppy, we are able to accept all major credit cards via the Good Dog website and platform so please create an account with them. Once you are in your account check out our profile Ashland Miniature American Shepherds & Miniature Australian Shepherds  then you can click apply to breeder and that will initiate the payment request.  Please give me a call if you need any assistance.  

Once I get your Are You ReadyPuppy Questionnaire, and the Sales Contract & Guarantee forms as well as a deposit from you I will mark your puppy SOLD then send you our New Puppy Welcome Email so that you can start preparing for the arrival of your new friend.